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A stable TMB solution for Chlorine detection. It is possible to replace current DPD methods since it is a non-toxic formulation, more sensitive and cost effective. 

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HRP-Conjugate Stabilizer

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer is used to preserve concentrated stock conjugates, reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, and dilute antibody-HRP conjugates to their useful working titer in ELISAs and immunology-based techniques.

QuickRed Nucleus Stain 

QuickRed reagent is a cell permeant stain that emits bright NIR fluorescence when bound to DNA. QuickRed reagent is suitable for staining nuclei in live/fixed cell preparations and tissue sections. QuickRedTM reagent also has wide applicability due to their low background and bright fluorescence. Uses include staining of nucleic acids on solid supports, pre-staining of samples for gel or capillary electrophoresis, viability detection and counterstaining in multiple-label experiments.

QuickBlu® TMB Substrate

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs) are rapid, simple to use, highly specific and sensitive diagnostic methods. Due to their simplicity, they are widely used in the biotechnology industry, diagnostic industry and pharmaceutical industry. At Onestep Laboratories we aim to develop cost-efficient and reliable ELISA reagents to meet or exceed worldwide demands. 

TMB Substrate

​Onestep TMB Substrate is a ready-to-use solution or concentrated solution for detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). It rapidly produces a blue-colored reaction product which can be read at 370 nm or 655 nm, or at 450 nm when acidic stop solution is used.